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Over two decades ago we opened a "new" kind of Racing School; one that actually teaches "wheel to wheel racing"! This was very progressive at the time but we felt given the right combination of custom designed / purpose built race track and carefully crafted curriculum taught by career full time professionals, it could be done! We continue to offer industry setting racing training in addition to fun "Thrill of a Lifetime" courses, Corp Events and comprehensive Mechanics / Racing Courses. Our clients have travelled from all over the world having done their due diligence in course comparison and then chose us. Since day 1 we took our injury free safety record very seriously and continue to do so to this day. Racing Schools are NOT the same and we encourage you to compare in detail; we may have your specific combination of preferences!? Thank you for considering our Academy.

Not a single injury in all our 33 years. We think safety should be your primary concern. Compare! Here’s what we offer:


A driver development-inspired track design for testing the limits without the constant intimidation of walls and guardrails. For the 33 years that Goodman Motorsports have run schools, we have never had an injury!


Our Instructors are hand-picked by the Academy President / Owner for their teaching and safety risk management skills - not just for their racing skills.

Car Contact

  • Drivers are only responsible for a very small portion of the car’s value in our upper-level courses.
  • Data from our recent history on each course page will share the race car damage history (very few damage bills). A true driver development designed race track, carefully crafted curriculum and full time staff can achieve these results!


  • All schools loan drivers a suit and a helmet. We also add gloves, socks, balaclava and neck collar.
  • On-board extinguishers are in all our Formula cars.

Trained Staff

  • All senior staff and most mechanics are annually re-certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • All on track events have corner flaggers, while Lapping, 1-on-1, and Race Days have at least one ambulance attendant.

Our team of full-time professionals constantly receive compliments of the very highest level. This team runs the Bridgestone Racing Academy:

Our top trainers are full-time dedicated teaching professionals. Our in house Team of almost 30 Racing Academy personnel for every event provides a very high level of service to our clients. This has always been a recurring and resounding compliment offered by our clients.

It's the little things like pit crew assistance while being belted into your Van Diemen car. That final wipe on your helmet visor. It's also the major things like having instructors to actually race with you to get that 'wheel-to-wheel' perspective!

Brett Goodman

Founder / President / Race Director

26 years - Helping the company optimize capabilities & opportunities both off and on track.

Kim DeIuliis

Vice-President / CFO

24 years - Keeps us on track with our financial goals and risk management.

Franco DeIuliis

Office Administrator

24 years - Organizes the office systems to help keep us running smoothly.

Jamie Fitzmaurice

Chief Instructor / Shop Manager / MRC Director

26 years - Oversees the Shop Team to ensure equipment and services we can be very proud of. Also oversees the track operations to achieve our safety and quality standards for clients and staff.

Santiago Rojas

Asst. Chief Instructor / Lead Race Mechanic

9 years - Oversees the track-side Team to help ensure a safe and high quality event. Tackles the larger / complex mechanical challenges & teaches training modules.

Lisandro Ferreyra

Seventh Year MRC Participant

7 years - Oversees the track set up to help ensure a safe and high quality event. Fulfills various roles across the Team from Instruction to Operations and Mechanical.

Benjamin Farran

Third Year MRC Participant

Humberto Rodriguez

Third Year MRC Participant

Tyson Balbosa

second Year MRC Participant

Tara Kraaijeveld

second Year MRC Participant

David Morgan

second Year MRC Participant

We are proud to introduce you to our performance partners:

Bridgestone provides the Potenza RE-71R ultra high-performance radials for our formula cars. The responsiveness and consistency of the Bridgestone tires will entice you to both push yourself and the car.

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From Toronto (Hwy 401 East)

  • Take Exit 431: "Durham 57"
  • Small green signs to "Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Raceway" will lead to Hwy 20
  • Right on Concession Road 10
  • First entrance to the right: "Motomaster Gate"

From Toronto (Hwy 407 ETR East)

  • EXIT Hwy 407 ETR East AT Harmony Rd - Exit # 127 (DO NOT take Hwy 407 any further!)
  • Left onto Harmony Rd North
  • After 1.3 km, right onto Columbus Rd East / Durham Rd 3
  • After 9.4 km, left at traffic lights onto Regional Rd 57
  • After 1.9 km, right onto Regional Rd 20
  • After 6.4 km, right onto Concession Rd 10
  • After 200 m, entrance is to the right: "Motomaster Gate"

From Montréal

  • Take Highway 20 West
  • Becomes Highway 401 West in Ontario
  • Take Exit 436: "Hwy 35/115 to Lindsay"
  • Take Exit: "Hwy 35 to Lindsay"
  • Left onto Regional Road 20
  • Left onto Concession Road 10
  • First entrance to the right: "Motomaster Gate"

Thank you

We're always excited to deliver a lasting impression to our guests, if you require any more information on the Bridgestone Racing Academy and the programs they offer, please visit : www.race2000.com, email [email protected], or call (905) 983-1114

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We want to stay in touch, send you interesting updates, and news.
We'll give you our corporate events package right away.

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