Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

NEW IN 2014! Purpose-built training track designed from the ground up expressly for driver development. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park owners Carlo Fidani and Ron Fellows have totally revamped the Driver Development Centre! In contrast to our previous 1.7km track length, the new track offers two configurations of 2.2km (intermediate) and 2.9km (advanced).

Why there are now two very different types of road race tracks:

"Pro Level" tracks – for already trained and quite advanced drivers to explore the additional challenge and risk of very fast sweeping turns and numerous "blind" turns.

"Driver Development Tracks" – carefully designed to minimize risk while offering a great training ground to efficiently develop skill sets at a higher driving / racing level!

Feel the Excitement

State of the Art training track

Having a custom built Driver Development Track has provided both our general public and corporate clients a safe, unique and very exciting experience! Numerous corporate clients run multiple events with us every year for over a decade! They have found our event is a great business tool to show special appreciation to VIP Clients & important staff.

Get On Track

Circuit Length



Flat, tight challenging and high G-force track

Circuit Length



Adds length, elevation changes & sweepers!

Thank you

We're always excited to deliver a lasting impression to our guests, if you require any more information on the Bridgestone Racing Academy and the programs they offer, please visit :, email, or call (905) 983-1114

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