Mechanic / Racing Courses

Custom dates according to your schedule with reduced driving sessions can sometimes be arranged.

We offer two formats to make the course more accessible:

Mechanic / Racing 3 Month Course

$690 CDN

Now hugely more affordable, plus massively increased on-track lapping and racing!

Mechanic / Racing 6 Month Course

$590 CDN

New, much more affordable course now helps make this dream a reality. An experience you'll never forget!

Quick Comparison

Duration 3 Months 6 Months
Understand the mechanics of open wheels cars
3-day WWR course included (possibly offered in sections)
Lapping practice sessions included 6 16
Practice races included 4
Personalized motorsports photo package
Academy branded sportswear package
Eligible for $3000 - $10,000 CDN Driving Awards
Eligible for Top Sportsman Award $2000 CDN
Eligible for Top Enthusiasm Award $1000
Eligible for Participation Award up to $1000 CDN
Automotive field trips possible all
One-time course fee (* + 13% sales tax) $690 CDN* $1390 $590 CDN*